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Wednesday October 17, 2007

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IF you are looking to purchase photos, please click on the "store" link at the top of this column in the site map. Thanks for stopping by!



Welcome to HooHaaPhotos.com!


The site is currently under major construction, so please forgive the mess!


UPDATES (June 24, 2007): The store now works and I'll be having other galleries up soon where people can purchase photos. I'll be working on these over the next few weeks as time permits.


If you are looking to purchase photos, please visit the store by choosing the link on the right side of page and keeping an eye out for the event you are interested in.


If you are looking to just check out galleries (photos can't be ordered from these galleries and many of these photos CAN'T be sold, please visit the galleries by going by the genre at the right side of the page. If you are interested in photos, please contact me through this link and I'll let you know if the image is available. Thanks!)


NOTE: Many gallery images will look different as most are not fully processed. Any images sold will be fully processed, touched up for color balance, levels, sharpness and noise.























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